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Worcester Bosch Boiler Prices: Compare Combi, Heat Only & System

Worcester Bosch Boiler Prices: Combi, System & Heat Only

Founded back in 1962, Worcester Bosch offer an extensive range of products, both for domestic and commercial premises. Worcester Bosch offer a premium boiler range with a reputation for their fantastic quality & reliability.

Worcester Bosch offer lots of different model options which includes combi, system & heat-only boilers in both oil & gas fuel types. Some of the popular models include the Danesmoor, Heatsalve, Highflow, Utility, CDi, Ri & I series.

Worcester Bosch boiler price range (£823.43-£2,798.48*)

Worcester Bosch boilers are considered a premium brand which is reflected in the price, however the brand has a reputation for providing quality boilers which has been endorsed by them being awarded the Which? Best Buy award for 8 consecutive years. The range of Worcester boilers on offer is extremely extensive. The kW output starts at 9kW and ranges to 70kW and the manufacturer warranties go from 2-5 years, which can be extended to 10.

The lowest price boilers in the Worcester Bosch range start from £823.43 which is a Greenstar 12Ri which is a gas heat-only (regular) boiler with a 12kW output and 5-year manufacturer warranty. The most expensive boiler is the Heatslave II 25-32kW oil boiler and is priced at £2,798.48.

Why choose a Worcester Bosch boiler

Here’s just a few advantages to choosing a Worcester Bosch boiler for your home:

Reputation for their reliability and high quality

50+ years of experience in the industry

Extensive range of all boiler types

TrustPilot rating of 9/10 (29/11/18)

Which? Best Buy for a total of 8 years

Compare Worcester Bosch boiler prices

BrandModel NameTypeFuelkWWarrantyExample Price*
(Including VAT)
Worcester-BoschGreenstar 12RiHeat-OnlyGas12kW5£823.43
Worcester-BoschGreenstar 15RiHeat-OnlyGas15kW5£857.9
Worcester-BoschGreenstar 18RiHeat-OnlyGas18kW5£920.39
Worcester-BoschGreenstar 9iSystemGas9kW5£931.32
Worcester-BoschGreenstar 12iSystemGas12kW5£947.34
Worcester-BoschGreenstar 24RiHeat-OnlyGas24kW5£975.34
Worcester-BoschGreenstar 15iSystemGas15kW5£1001.19
Worcester-BoschGreenstar 25iCombiGas25kW5£1008.74
Worcester-BoschGreenstar 18iSystemGas18kW5£1047.53
Worcester-BoschGreenstar 28CDi CompactCombiGas28kW5£1062.53
Worcester-BoschGreenstar 27RiHeat-OnlyGas27kW5£1073.39
Worcester-BoschGreenstar 21iSystemGas21kW5£1077.7
Worcester-BoschGreenstar 25Si CompactCombiGas25kW5£1084.16
Worcester-BoschGreenstar 24iSystemGas24kW5£1110.78
Worcester-BoschGreenstar 29CDi ClassicCombiGas29kW5£1110.88
Worcester-BoschGreenstar 27iSystemGas27kW5£1116.48
Worcester-BoschGreenstar 30RiHeat-OnlyGas30kW5£1116.48
Worcester-BoschGreenstar 30iSystemGas30kW5£1118.45
Worcester-BoschGreenstar 30CDi ClassicSystemGas30kW5£1120.56
Worcester-BoschGreenstar 30SiCombiGas30kW5£1126.84
Worcester-BoschGreenstar 30CDi ClassicHeat-OnlyGas30kW5£1149.10
Worcester-BoschGreenstar 32CDiCombiGas32kW5£1190.18
Worcester-BoschGreenstar 34CDiCombiGas34kW5£1234.3
Worcester-BoschGreenstar 35CDiSystemGas35kW5£1259.04
Worcester-BoschGreenstar 36CDiCombiGas36kW5£1313.04
Worcester-BoschGreenstar Danesmoor Utility 12-18Heat-OnlyOil12-18kW2£1320.44
Worcester-BoschGreenstar 38CDiCombiGas38kW5£1389.03
Worcester-BoschGreenstar Fs 30CDiHeat-OnlyGas30kW5£1509.63
Worcester-BoschGreenstar 40CDiHeat-OnlyGas40kW5£1571.69
Worcester-BoschGreenstar 42CDiCombiGas42kW5£1668.21
Worcester-BoschGreenstar Danesmoor External 18-25Heat-OnlyOil18-25kW2£1781.97
Worcester-BoschGreenstar Danesmoor Utility 18-25SystemOil18-25kW2£1956
Worcester-BoschGreenstar Highflow 440CDiCombiGas29.2kW5£2003.14
Worcester-BoschGreenstar Danesmoor Utility 25-32Heat-OnlyOil25-32kW2£2037.53
Worcester-BoschGreenstar Danesmoor Kitchen 25-32SystemOil25-32kW2£2175.99
Worcester-BoschGreenstar Danesmoor External 18-25SystemOil18-25kW2£2185.79
Worcester-BoschGreenstar Danesmoor External 25-32Heat-OnlyOil25-32kW2£2197.77
Worcester-BoschGreenstar Fs 42CDiHeat-OnlyGas42kW5£2223.68
Worcester-BoschGreenstar Danesmoor Utility 50-70Heat-OnlyOil50-70kW2£2261.88
Worcester-BoschGreenstar Danesmoor Utility 25-32SystemOil25-32kW2£2409.65
Worcester-BoschGreenstar Heatslave II 18-25CombiOil18-25kW2£2411.28
Worcester-BoschGreenstar Highflow 550CDiCombiGas30.6kW5£2434.58
Worcester-BoschGreenstar Heatslave II 18-25 ExternalCombiOil18-25kW2£2747.34
Worcester-BoschGreenstar Danesmoor External 25-32SystemOil25-32kW2£2749.35
Worcester-BoschGreenstar Heatslave II 25-32CombiOil25-32kW2£2798.48

Worcester Bosch boiler type range

Worcester Bosch offer an extensive range of boilers which includes combi, system & regular (heat-only) for gas & oil fuel types. If you’re looking for a more affordable budget option to Worcester Bosch, then Vokera may be a good brand to consider.

We have compiled details on the types of boilers available with from the Worcester Bosch brand:

New Worcester Bosch combi range

The Worcester Bosch combi range includes models like the Heatslave, Highflow, CDi, Si & I series. There is a boiler for every domestic home, thanks to the large range of kW outputs which go from 18kW to 42kW. The majority of boilers come with a manufacturer warranty of 5 years as standard, however the Heatslave models only have 2 years manufacturer warranty, although this can be extended.

When looking at the price of the combi boiler range there are two different types of fuel to look at, if you are interested in a gas combi then the price starts at £1,008.74 with the Greenstar 25i & the top of the range is the Greenstar Highflow 550CDi which is priced to £2,434.58. When looking at oil boilers however the range starts slightly more expensive with the Greenstar Heatslave II 18-25 at £2,411.28 and the top of the range oil boiler is the Greenstar Heatslave II 25/32 which is priced at £2,798.48.

New Worcester Bosch system range

The Worcester Bosch system range offers models like the Danesmoor, CDi & I Series. The range is suitable for homes of all shapes and sizes due to the significant range of kW output, from 9kW to 35kW. The manufacturer warranty available for the system boiler models is between 2-5 years, but there is an option to extend this to 10.

There are two types of fuel options available for the system boilers in the Worcester Bosch range, oil & gas. The oil boilers range start with the Greenstar Danesmoor Utility 18-25 priced at £1,956 and at the other end of the spectrum is the Greenstar Danesmoor 25/32 at £2,749.35. In the gas range it starts with the Greenstar 9i at £931.32 & top of the range is the Greenstar 35CDi at £1,259.04.

New Worcester Bosch heat-only range

Worcester Bosch have a lot of heat-only (regular) boilers in comparison to some of the other major brands, it includes models such as the Danesmoor, Utility, CDi & Ri. The extensive range of outputs mean that they are well suited to most domestic households, the boilers range from 12kW to 70kW and have a 2-5-year manufacturer warranty that can be extended to 10.

When looking at the gas regular boiler range the price starts with the Greenstar 12Ri model at £823.43 and at the top of the range is the Greenstar 42CDi Floor Standing at £2,223.68. The oil boilers start with the Greenstar Danesmoor Utility 12/18 priced at £1,320.44 and at the top of the range is the Greenstar Utility 50/70 at the cost of £2,261.88.

What is the Worcester Bosch range suitable for?

Worcester Bosch offer one of the most extensive boiler ranges available throughout all the top suppliers with several combi, regular and system boilers to choose from, with gas or oil fuel options. When you’ve decided the type of boiler that your home requires the next thing that you should think about is the kW output, this figure determines how capable the boiler is at dealing with hot water demand.

The higher the kW output is the more it can cope with, so if you have a large home with several bathrooms you will require a boiler with a higher kW output. To help you determine what Worcester Bosch you need for your home we have put together a rough guide for kW outputs:

1-2 bedroom3-4 bedroom4+ bedrooms
10 radiators15 radiators20 radiators
1 bathroom1-2 bathrooms2+ bathrooms

(This information has been supplied by Help-Link UK limited and has been produced for information purposes only and should not be used or relied upon as a substitute for professional advice by a suitably qualified engineer.)

* Prices correct as of 3rd September 2018 from the list of suppliers