Vokera boiler prices

Vokera are an industry leader in home heating solutions, they offer an extensive range of boilers for domestic properties of all shapes and sizes. Designed for an easy installation, energy efficiency and comfort Vokera boilers have brought warmth to more than one and a half million homes across the UK & Ireland.

Vokera offer a range of budget boilers which include popular models such as the Vision, Mynute, Evolve, Unica and Compact.

New Vokera boiler price range (£399.17-£1,069.99*)

The Vokera boiler range may be considered a budget option for a new boiler installation, but don’t be deterred by the low price, they are a quality brand with a fantastic product. The range on offer is suitable for a variety of different homes as the kW output ranges from 15kW to 38kW. There are also manufacturer warranties available on their boilers which range from 2 to 7 years.

The lowest priced boiler in the Vokera range is the Vokera Easi-Heat 18V which is a 20kW heat-only gas boiler with 2 years warranty priced at £399.17. In contrast the most expensive model on offer is the Vokera Linea One 38kW combi gas boiler which is priced at £1,069.99.

Why choose a Vokera boiler

There are several reasons that a Vokera boiler could be a good choice for your home, we have summarised a few for you:

Generally simple to install & maintain

Great quality budget brand

Mechanical clock and flue included in price

Manufacturer warranty between 2 – 7 years

Inbuilt frost protection

Leading the market in increased energy efficiency and recommended by the Energy Saving Trust

Compare Vokera boiler prices

BrandModel NameTypeFuelKWWarrantyTypical Price*
(Including VAT)
VokeraEasi-Heat 18VHeat-OnlyGas20kW5£399.17
VokeraMyNute 15VHEHeat-OnlyGas15kW2£442.00
VokeraCompact 25ACombiGas25kw2£499.00
VokeraMyNute 20VHEHeat-OnlyGas20kW2£492.00
VokeraMynute i20SystemGas20kw2£521.00
VokeraCompact 29ACombiGas29kw2£539.00
VokeraVision 25cCombiGas25kw5£602.00
VokeraVision 20sSystemGas20kw5£545.00
VokeraVision 30cCombiGas30kw5£635.00
VokeraUnica i28CombiGas28kw5£717.00
VokeraVision 25sSystemGas25kw5£581.00
VokeraMynute i30SystemGas30kw2£596.00
VokeraUnica i32CombiGas32kw5£799.99
VokeraEvolve C 24CombiGas24kw7£834.00
VokeraEvolve C 28CombiGas28kw7£870.00
VokeraMynute i35SystemGas35kW2£837.59
VokeraUnica i36CombiGas36kw5£885.00
VokeraEvolve C 32CombiGas32kw7£894.00
VokeraMynute 35HEHeat-OnlyGas35kw2£894.71
VokeraEvolve C 36CombiGas36kw7£990.00
VokeraLinea One 38CombiGas38kw5 £1,069.99

Vokera boiler type ranges

Vokera have three different boiler options available, which consist of combi and system boilers, but there are a few heat-only boilers. All the boilers available run off gas mains, so if you are looking for an alternative fuel source such as Oil then Worcester Bosch may have more options suited to your needs.

We have compiled a bit of information on each of the types of boilers available with the Vokera brand:

New Vokera combi range

Majority of the Vokera range consists of combi boilers which includes model series such as the Vision, Unica, Evolve, Compact and Linea One. When choosing a combi boiler from Vokera it’s useful to take note of the kW output, which range from 24kW to 38kW meaning they are typically suitable for small to medium properties.

The price of a combi boiler within the Vokera range starts with the Compact 25A which is a 25kW model with 2 years warranty, priced from £499. The top of the range combi boiler available is the Linea One which has an output of 38kW and comes with a more extensive 5-year warranty and is priced at £1,069.99 which is still low compared to the other boiler brands such as Worcester Bosch or Vaillant.

New Vokera system range

The Vokera system boiler range is comprised of a few different model names which include the Mynute and Vision. There aren’t as many system boilers available as the combi range but the options on offer cover a similar range of kW output so are generally suitable for small to medium homes, the output starts at 20kW at goes to 35kW. The manufacturer warranty of the system range is between 2 and 5 years with the Myute models having 2 years and the Vision models having 5 years.

The range starts with the Mynute i20 at the price of £521 and ranges to the MyNute i35 at the price of £837.59.

New Vokera heat-only range

Vokera have a few Heat-Only boilers on offer which includes their well-known Mynute range and an Easi-Heat option. The range is usually suitable for small to medium homes, with outputs that range in kW from 15kW to 35kW. Majority of the models come with a 2-year manufacturer warranty, but the Easi-Heat comes with 5.

The heat-only (regular or conventional) range starts with the price of £399.17 with the Easi-Heat 18V 20kW model & extends to the Mynute 35HE 35kW model which is priced at £894.71.

What is the Vokera range suitable for?

Vokera’s range is mostly made up of combi boilers but they also have a few system and heat-only options to choose from, and once you know the type of boiler that your home requires the second most important thing to be aware of is the kW output required. The kW output determines how well the boiler can cope with demand for hot water, a larger output means that it can cope with more.

To help you determine what Vokera you need for your home we have put together a rough guide for kW outputs:

1-2 bedroom3-4 bedroom4+ bedrooms
10 radiators15 radiators20 radiators
1 bathroom1-2 bathrooms2+ bathrooms

(This information has been supplied by Help-Link UK limited and has been produced for information purposes only and should not be used or relied upon as a substitute for professional advice by a suitably qualified engineer.)

* Prices correct as of December 2017 from our list of suppliers