Vaillant boiler prices

Vaillant are a UK boiler manufacturer with over 140 years of experience in the heating industry and are well known for being pioneers of the combi boiler. Vaillant UK are part of the larger Vaillant Group who supply boilers to over 20 countries worldwide and own the well-known boiler subsidiary brand Glow-worm.

Vaillant produce a choice of combi, system & heat-only (also referred to as conventional or regular) boilers including the popular series ecoTEC Plus, ecoTEC Pro, and ecoFIT.

New Vaillant boiler price range (£734.39-£2,799.16*)

Vaillant offer a wide range of boilers for domestic properties. The boilers in the Vaillant range are suitable for a variety of different homes as they vary in kW output from 12kW to 43kW. Vaillant boilers come with up to 5-years manufacturer-backed warranty.

The entry level Vaillant heat-only gas boiler is the the ecoTEC Plus 412 which has an output to heat of 12kW, comes with up to 5-years manufacturer-backed warranty and is priced at £734.39. The top of the range Vaillant system boiler is the ecoTEC 65 with 65kW output to heat, which is priced at £2,799.16.

Why choose a Vaillant boiler

There are many advantages to choosing a Vaillant boiler for your home, we have summarised just a few for you:

Which? Best Buy 2016

Reliable and efficient heating

Quiet Mark accreditation

Cost effective repairs

Designed for quick and easy installation

Customer rating of 7.3/10 on TrustPilot (as of 4/1/18)

Compare Vaillant boiler prices

BrandModel NameTypeFuelKWWarrantyTypical Price*
(Including VAT)
VaillantEcoTEC 65SystemGas65kW2 £2,799.16
VaillantEcoTEC 46SystemGas46kW2 £2,177.69
VaillantecoTEC plus 412Heat-OnlyGas12kW8£734.39
VaillantecoTEC exclusive Green iQ 627SystemGas27kW2 £1,453.62
VaillantecoTec plus 637SystemGas37kW8 £1,341.96
VaillantecoTec plus 630SystemGas30kW8 £1,215.63
VaillantecoFIT pure 630SystemGas30kW7 £1,206.08
VaillantecoTEC plus 415 15Heat-OnlyGas15kW8£825.27
VaillantecoTec plus 624SystemGas24kW8 £1,130.34
VaillantecoFIT pure 625SystemGas25kW7 £1,111.43
VaillantEcoFIT pure 825CombiGas25kW7£868.74
VaillantHome 25CombiGas25kW2£882.00
VaillantecoTEC Pro 24CombiGas24kW6£902.12
VaillantecoTec plus 618SystemGas18kW8£997.24
VaillantecoTEC plus 418Heat-OnlyGas18kW8£888.09
VaillantecoFIT pure 618SystemGas18kW7£936.38
VaillantHome 30CombiGas30kW2£984.00
VaillantEcoFIT pure 830CombiGas30kW7£988.97
VaillantEcoFIt sustain 830CombiGas30kW5£988.97
VaillantecoTEC Pro 28CombiGas28kW6£989.72
VaillantecoTEC plus 424 24Heat-OnlyGas24kW8£948.51
VaillantecoTec plus 615SystemGas15kW8£898.35
VaillantecoTEC plus 430Heat-OnlyGas30kW8 £1,005.15
VaillantecoFIT pure 615SystemGas15kW7£884.30
VaillantecoTEC Pro 30CombiGas30kW6 £1,090.01
VaillantecoTec plus 612SystemGas12kW8£850.34
VaillantecoTEC plus 825CombiGas25kW8 £1,120.04
VaillantEcoFIt sustain 825CombiGas25kW5 £1,120.04
VaillantEcoFIT pure 835CombiGas35kW7 £1,140.00
VaillantecoFIT pure 612SystemGas12kW7£821.20
VaillantHome 35CombiGas35kW2 £1,182.00
VaillantecoTEC plus 832CombiGas32kW8 £1,222.41
VaillantEcoFIt sustain 835CombiGas35kW5 £1,294.72
VaillantecoTEC plus 835 35CombiGas35kW8 £1,372.25
VaillantecoTEC plus 438 38Heat-OnlyGas38kW8 £2,370.00
VaillantEcoTEC plus 938CombiGas38kW8 £1,557.08
VaillantEcoTEC Exclusive Green IQ 835CombiGas35kW2 £1,651.55
VaillantEcoTEC Exclusive Green IQ 843CombiGas43kW2 £1,979.39
VaillantecoTEC plus 838CombiGas38kW8 £2,179.20

Vaillant boiler type ranges

Vaillant produce gas and LPG combination, system & heat-only boilers. If you’re looking for an oil boiler, you may want to consider an alternative brand such as Worcester Bosch.

Here’s more information on each of the types of boilers available by the Vaillant brand.

Vaillant combi boilers

The most popular Vaillant series of combi boilers include the ecoTEC Plus, ecoTEC Pure, ecoTEC Pro and ecoFit. With a variety of boilers to choose from within each series. Ranging in kW output from 25kW to 43kW. The manufacturer-backed warranty varies on Vaillant combi boilers from 2 to 5 years.

Prices of Vaillant combi boilers start from £868.74 for the ecoFit Pure 825 combi boiler, ascending to £2,179.20 for the ecoTEC plus 838.

Vaillant system boilers

Vaillant have an extensive range of system boilers available including models in the ecoTEC Plus, ecoFIT, and ecoTEC Pure series. The Majority of Vaillant system boilers come with a manufacturer-backed warranty of up to 5-years. System boilers range in output from 12kW up to 43kW, so you should to find a suitable boiler for your home.

Prices of Vaillant system boilers start at £821.20 for the ecoFIT Pure 612 system gas boiler, ascending to £2,799.16 for the ecoTEC 65.

Vaillant heat-only boilers

The Heat-Only or Regular boiler range for Vaillant is slightly less extensive than the Combi & System range, however it still offers options suitable for most homes. The Heat-Only boilers available are the EcoTEC Plus models which have a range of outputs from 12kW to 38kW and they all come with an 5-year warranty.

Prices of Vaillant heat-only boilers start at £707.64 for the ecoFIT Pure 412 heat-only gas boiler, ascending to £1514.76 for the ecoTEC Plus 438 regular gas boiler.

What is the Vaillant range suitable for?

Vaillant specialise in combi and system boilers, with a wide range available to suit different size homes and heat and hot water demands. When choosing your new boiler, you need to firstly consider what is the most suitable type and size of boiler for your home, heat and hot water demands. Gas condensing combi boilers are the most popular boiler type in the UK because of their efficiency and compact size. Combi boilers are best suited to small to medium sized homes, such as a 2 or 3-bedroom semi-detached house. However, if you have a larger property such as a detached house with 4 bedrooms and multiple bathrooms, a system or heat-only could be a more suitable boiler type to provide the amount of hot water you require.

The kW output is determined by the size of your house and number of radiators; generally, the higher the kW output of a boiler, the more demand for hot water it can cope with. If you need help determining what kW output you require for your Vaillant boiler, you can use the following as a guide:

1-2 bedroom3-4 bedroom4+ bedrooms
10 radiators15 radiators20 radiators
1 bathroom1-2 bathrooms2+ bathrooms

(This information has been supplied by Help-Link UK limited and has been produced for information purposes only and should not be used or relied upon as a substitute for professional advice by a suitably qualified engineer.)

* Prices correct as of December 2017 from our list of suppliers