System boiler prices

System boilers are similar to heat-only boilers, they work off the principle of stored hot water. A system boiler heats your radiators directly and produces hot water for your water cylinder. One of the biggest differences between system and heat-only boilers is that system boilers are easier to install than heat-only boilers, so often less expensive as many of the components are built into the boiler itself.

Another way in which a system boiler varies from a heat-only, is that the hot water is pumped directly from the boiler itself, meaning it results in a faster response and usually more economical in terms of running costs. Installation of a heat-only boiler would also include fitting of a feed and expansion cistern.

How do system boilers work?

If you are considering purchasing a new system boiler, then you may want to know a little bit about how it works. A system pumps hot water to the radiators and a sealed hot water cylinder. Typically, they are installed in homes which already have a traditional heating system due to the extra parts needed for it to operate which include a hot water cylinder.

Most system boilers are installed onto an unvented high-pressure system, this means that you don’t need extra boiler facilities that you would with a heat-only boiler, saving you space. The combination of boiler and cylinder also means that you can run more than one tap at the same time without your boiler losing pressure.

System boiler price range (£521-£4,437.16*)

There are lot of conventional boiler options available to suit a variety of different homes of all shapes and sizes. Some of the brands you can choose from that produce system boilers include Vokera, Baxi, Potterton, Glow-Worm, Ideal, and Worcester Bosch.

Prices of system boiler vary, value boilers or a premium boiler. The Potterton Gold 18 system boiler is considered a value boiler, priced at £715.91. This model has an output of 18kW so is typically best suited to a small home with up to 3 bedrooms and one bathroom. The EcoTEC Plus 637 is a system model manufactured by Vaillant which is considered a premium brand, with 37kW output to heat, this boiler is priced at £1,629.20.

Why choose a Heat-only boiler

Is a regular boiler the right option for you? Here are some of the positive points of getting a new heat-only boiler installation we have found to help you make your decision:

Typically ideal for properties with several bathrooms

Can be fitted with unvented cylinders, designed for better water pressure

Typically suitable for homes which have a large demand for hot water

Designed to be significantly quieter than most heat-only boilers as they are pressurised systems

Generally cleaner and more efficient than heat-only boilers as there’s no need for an expansion tank

It could be cheaper to swap a like for like system boiler than to change boiler type

Compare system boiler prices

BrandModel NameTypeFuelKWWarrantyTypical Price*
(Including VAT)
VokeraMynute i20SystemGas20kw2£521.00
BiasiRiva Plus ERP 28SystemGas28kW2£526.80
BiasiRiva Plus ERP 24SystemGas24kW2£539.99
VokeraVision 20sSystemGas20kw5£545.00
PottertonGold 18SystemGas18kW2£566.00
AristonCLAS HE SYSTEM evo 18SystemGas18kW5£575.00
FerroliModena 18s HESystemGas18kw5£578.39
VokeraVision 25sSystemGas25kw5£581.00
BiasiAdvance Plus ERP 16SystemGas16kW5£582.00
PottertonGold 24SystemGas24kW2£589.00
VokeraMynute i30SystemGas30kw2£596.00
FerroliModena 25s HESystemGas25kw5£596.13
PottertonGold 28SystemGas28kW2£609.00
BiasiAdvance Plus ERP 25SystemGas25kW5£609.99
BiasiInovia System ERP 25SystemGas25kW5£624.00
BiasiAdvance Plus ERP 30SystemGas30kW5£629.99
FerroliModena 32s HESystemGas32kw5£659.55
AristonCLAS HE SYSTEM evo 30SystemGas30kW5£675.00
AristonE-SYSTEM evo 24SystemGas24kW5£687.22
Glow-WormEnergy 12SystemGas12kW2£727.50
Glow-WormEnergy 15SystemGas15kW2£746.26
AristonE-SYSTEM evo 30SystemGas30kW5£751.60
PottertonPromax System 12SystemGas12kW2£768.68
Glow-WormEnergy 18SystemGas18kW2£773.75
AristonCLAS HE SYSTEM evo 24SystemGas24kW5£799.00
BaxiMegaflo System 15SystemGas15kW7£808.30
VaillantecoFIT pure 612SystemGas12kW7£821.20
IdealLogic System 15SystemGas15kW2£825.88
Glow-WormEnergy 25SystemGas25kW2£826.25
VokeraMynute i35SystemGas35kW2£837.59
VaillantecoTec plus 612SystemGas12kW8£850.34
Glow-WormEnergy 30SystemGas30kW2£851.26
IdealLogic System 18SystemGas18kW2£863.15
Worcester-BoschGreenstar 9iSystemGas9kW5£873.04
PottertonPromax System 24SystemGas24kW1£882.28
VaillantecoFIT pure 615SystemGas15kW7£884.30
BaxiEcoBlue System 12SystemGas12kW5£896.58
VaillantecoTec plus 615SystemGas15kW8£898.35
IdealLogic System 24SystemGas24kW2£900.23
BaxiMegaflo System 18SystemGas18kW7£908.74
BaxiEcoBlue System 15SystemGas15kW5£917.91
BaxiMegaflo System 24SystemGas24kW7£918.98
Worcester-BoschGreenstar 12iSystemGas12kW5£926.32
IdealVogue 15SystemGas15kW8£931.45
VaillantecoFIT pure 618SystemGas18kW7£936.38
IdealLogic System 30SystemGas30kW2£937.39
BaxiMegaflo System 28SystemGas28kW7£950.49
BaxiEcoBlue System 18SystemGas18kW5£957.51
BaxiMegaflo System 32SystemGas32kW7£974.32
AlphaInTec2 20SESystemGas20kw5£974.82
IdealVogue S15 Gen2SystemGas15kW8£979.04
Worcester-BoschGreenstar 15iSystemGas15kW5£980.69
VaillantecoTec plus 618SystemGas18kW8£997.24
IdealLogic Plus 15SystemGas15kW7 £1,001.88
IdealVogue 18SystemGas18kW8 £1,014.30
ViessmannB1HC Vitodens 100-W 19SystemGas19kW5 £1,027.48
IdealLogic Plus 18SystemGas18kW7 £1,042.33
BaxiEcoBlue System 24SystemGas24kW5 £1,047.46
Worcester-BoschGreenstar 18iSystemGas18kW5 £1,050.63
AlphaInTec2 30SESystemGas30kw5 £1,052.46
Worcester-BoschGreenstar 21iSystemGas21kW5 £1,057.88
ViessmannB1HC Vitodens 100-W 26SystemGas26kW5 £1,063.44
IdealVogue S18 Gen2SystemGas18kW8 £1,067.56
BaxiEcoBlue System 28SystemGas28kW5 £1,081.19
IdealLogic Plus 24SystemGas24kW7 £1,082.53
Worcester-BoschGreenstar 30iSystemGas30kW5 £1,089.41
ViessmannB1HC Vitodens 100-W 30SystemGas30kW5 £1,094.19
Worcester-BoschGreenstar 27iSystemGas27kW5 £1,097.04
Worcester-BoschGreenstar 24iSystemGas24kW5 £1,110.02
VaillantecoFIT pure 625SystemGas25kW7 £1,111.43
IdealLogic Plus 30SystemGas30kW7 £1,122.98
Worcester-BoschGreenstar 30CDi ClassicSystemGas30kW5 £1,125.26
VaillantecoTec plus 624SystemGas24kW8 £1,130.34
BaxiEcoBlue System 32SystemGas32kW5 £1,131.03
ViessmannB1HC Vitodens 100-W 35SystemGas35kW5 £1,146.94
IdealVogue 26SystemGas26kW8 £1,151.32
PottertonPromax System 15SystemGas15kW2 £1,161.60
PottertonPromax System 18SystemGas18kW2 £1,185.60
VaillantecoFIT pure 630SystemGas30kW7 £1,206.08
IdealVogue S26 Gen2SystemGas26kW8 £1,210.67
VaillantecoTec plus 630SystemGas30kW8 £1,215.63
ViessmannB2HB Vitodens 200-W 19SystemGas19kW3 £1,217.52
Worcester-BoschGreenstar 35CDi ClassicSystemGas35kW5 £1,221.45
IdealVogue 32SystemGas32kW8 £1,229.90
IdealVogue S32 Gen2SystemGas32kW8 £1,296.65
VaillantecoTec plus 637SystemGas37kW8 £1,341.96
PottertonPromax System 32SystemGas32kW2 £1,363.20
ViessmannB2HB Vitodens 200-W 26SystemGas26kW3 £1,424.49
VaillantecoTEC exclusive Green iQ 627SystemGas27kW2 £1,453.62
Worcester-BoschGreenstar Danesmoor Utility 18/25 SystemSystemOil25kW2 £1,620.00
Worcester-BoschGB162 50SystemGas50kW2 £1,926.14
Worcester-BoschGreenstar Danesmoor Utility 25/32 SystemSystemOil32kW2 £2,131.82
AlphaProTec Plus 50SystemGas54kw3 £2,136.00
VaillantEcoTEC 46SystemGas46kW2 £2,177.69
Worcester-BoschGreenstar Danesmoor External 25/32 SystemSystemOil32kW2 £2,270.42
Worcester-BoschGreenstar Danesmoor Kitchen 25/32 SystemSystemOil32kW2 £2,270.42
Worcester-BoschGreenstar Danesmoor External 18/25 SystemSystemOil18kW2 £2,282.82
Worcester-BoschGB162 65SystemGas65kW2 £2,377.78
Worcester-BoschGreenstar Danesmoor External 25/32 SystemSystemOil25kW2 £2,648.52
VaillantEcoTEC 65SystemGas65kW2 £2,799.16
AlphaProTec Plus 70SystemGas74kw3 £3,342.56
AlphaProTec Plus 90SystemGas98kw3 £3,959.17
AlphaProTec Plus 115SystemGas121kw3 £4,437.16

System boiler installation costs

Installing a system boiler can vary in price depending on a number of factors such as the type of boiler and central heating system you currently have in place. The best way to determine the most suitable boiler and the cost of installation is by having a professional surveyor visit your home to assess your current system, requirements for installation and your heat and hot water needs.

Installation costs may increase for any of the following reasons:

• Extra parts required as part of the installation

• Moving the location of your boiler or water tanks

• Replacing your boiler with a different boiler type will require additional labour

• Some system boilers can be more complicated to install than others, requiring additional time and labour**

What system boiler do I need in my home?

System boilers are typically best suited to larger homes, such as a detached 4-bedroom home with a bathroom and a shower room. However, there are also smaller system boilers available to suit a smaller property. One of the most important considerations when choosing a boiler for your home is the kW output, as this helps determines the boilers ability to cope with your hot water demand. The number of bathrooms and radiators are key influences on what kW output you need.

Here’s a guide to the kW output you may require based on the size of your property:

1-2 bedroom3-4 bedroom4+ bedrooms
10 radiators15 radiators20 radiators
1 bathroom1-2 bathrooms2+ bathrooms

(This information has been supplied by Help-Link UK limited and has been produced for information purposes only and should not be used or relied upon as a substitute for professional advice by a suitably qualified engineer.)

* Prices correct as of December 2017 from our list of suppliers

** The above list is not exhaustive and may not have considered all factors.