Potterton boiler prices

Potterton is a UK boiler manufacturer that has kept over seven million homes warm since being founded in 1850. In 2000, Potterton became a part of the Baxi Heating Group. Potterton boilers are designed to incorporate the latest heating technology which feeds in to their excellent track record in supplying efficient heating products.

Potterton offer an extensive range of combi boilers, system & heat-only (also known as conventional or regular) boilers with a portfolio of popular series including the Ultra, Promax, Titanium and Gold.

Potterton boiler price range (£566-£2,064.34*)

Potterton offer a good range of boiler types and models for domestic properties with kW output starting at 12kW and reaching up to 33kW which means there is a model to suit most homes. Potterton boilers come with a manufacturer-backed warranty of up to 2 years.

Prices of Potterton boilers start from £566 for the lowest priced model: Gold 18 system boiler. The most expensive model is the Promax Store 150L heat only boiler priced at £2,064.34.

Why choose a Potterton boiler

There are many advantages to choosing a Potterton boiler for your home, here’s just a few:

Longer flue distances

Reputation for efficient heating

Typically easy to use with simple controls

Unique and innovative design

A part of the large heating group Baxi

Trusted brand with a good reputation for quality and affordability

Compare Potterton boiler prices

BrandModel NameTypeFuelKWWarrantyTypical Price*
(Including VAT)
PottertonGold 24CombiGas24kW2£571.00
PottertonPromax SL Heat 12Heat-OnlyGas12kW2£695.88
PottertonPromax System 32SystemGas32kW2 £1,363.20
PottertonTitanium 24CombiGas24kW7£738.00
PottertonPromax System 18SystemGas18kW2 £1,185.60
PottertonTitanium 28CombiGas28kW7£798.00
PottertonPromax System 15SystemGas15kW2 £1,161.60
PottertonPromax Ultra 24CombiGas24kW2£833.61
PottertonTitanium 33CombiGas33kW7£858.00
PottertonTitanium 40CombiGas40kW7£930.00
PottertonPromax 28CombiGas28kW2£930.86
PottertonPromax System 24SystemGas24kW1£882.28
PottertonPromax SL Heat 15Heat-OnlyGas15kW2 £1,071.60
PottertonPromax SL Heat 18Heat-OnlyGas18kW2 £1,111.20
PottertonPromax SL Heat 24Heat-OnlyGas24kW2 £1,171.20
PottertonPromax 24CombiGas24kW1 £1,182.00
PottertonPromax System 12SystemGas12kW2£768.68
PottertonPromax Store 90LHeat-OnlyGas24kW2 £1,862.63
PottertonPromax Store 150LHeat-OnlyGas24kW2 £2,064.34
PottertonPromax Ultra 28CombiGas28kW2 £1,454.40
PottertonPromax 33CombiGas33kW1 £1,480.80
PottertonPromax Ultra 33CombiGas33kW2 £1,617.60
PottertonPromax Ultra 40CombiGas40kW2 £1,708.80
PottertonGold 28SystemGas28kW2£609.00
PottertonGold 24SystemGas24kW2£589.00
PottertonGold 18SystemGas18kW2£566.00

Potterton boiler type

Potterton manufacture three types of boilers including combi, system & heat-only. Most Potterton boilers are fuelled by gas or LPG, so if you are looking for an oil boiler then you may want to consider an alternative brand such as Worcester Bosch.

We have compiled some information on each of the types of boilers available by Potterton below.

Potterton Combi boilers

The models in the Potterton Promax Plus combi boiler range vary in price, kW output and length of manufacturer warranty. The combi boilers typically come with a manufacturer-backed of 2 years. The kW outputs for the Potterton combi boiler range from 24kW to 33kW meaning they are typically best suited to small to medium sized homes with up to 2 bathrooms.

A boiler priced at the lower end of the range is the Potterton Gold 24 combi boiler which is priced at £571. With a higher output to heat, the Potterton Promax Ultra 40 combi boiler is priced at £1,708.80.

Potterton system boilers

Potterton produce a limited range of system boilers in the Promax Plus range, which are fuelled by natural gas. Potterton system boilers come with up to 2-years manufacturer-backed warranty as standard. The output of the Potterton system boiler models range from 12kW to 32kW meaning they are typically suitable for small to medium sized homes with up to 2 bathrooms.

The Potterton Gold 18 system boiler is priced at £566 and comes with a 2-year manufacturer-backed warranty. For a system boiler with a higher heat output, the Potterton Promax 32 is priced at £1,363.20.

Potterton heat-only boilers

Potterton heat-only boilers in the Promax Plus range come with up to 2-year manufacturer warranty and are available with a heat output from 12kW up to 24kW, so they are mostly suitable for small to medium sized homes with 1 bathroom.

If you are interested in having a Potterton heat-only boiler installed, the PPromax SL Heat 12 is priced at £695.88 and the top of the range boiler is the Promax Store 150L heat-only boiler which is priced around £2,064.34.

What is the Potterton range suitable for?

With a vast choice of boilers available, deciding on the best boiler for you and your home can be confusing. Potterton produce boilers which range in type and size, so you’re sure to find a model to suit your requirements. The first consideration when choosing your new boiler should be the type; the most popular boiler type in the UK is the combi boiler which is most suited to small to medium sized homes. For larger properties, a heat-only or system boiler could be more efficient as they’re able to cope with higher heat and hot water demands.

Secondly, consider what kW output you’ll need to heat your home efficiently. The kW output determines how powerful the boiler is and therefore how much heat it can emit through your radiators. The higher the kW output, the larger the home the boiler can heat by using the extra power to send heat to more radiators. Here is a guide as to what kW output you may require:

1-2 bedroom3-4 bedroom4+ bedrooms
10 radiators15 radiators20 radiators
1 bathroom1-2 bathrooms2+ bathrooms

(This information has been supplied by Help-Link UK limited and has been produced for information purposes only and should not be used or relied upon as a substitute for professional advice by a suitably qualified engineer.)

* Prices correct as of December 2017 from our list of suppliers