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Compare Ideal Boiler Prices: Logic+, Mexico, EvoMax, Vogue & More

Compare Ideal Boiler Prices

With over 100 years of experience in manufacturing boilers, Ideal design and manufacture innovative and good quality boilers. One of the leading brands in the industry, Ideal are at the forefront of domestic heating and continuously strive to improve their products.

Ideal produce an extensive range of system, combi and heat-only boilers (sometimes referred to as regular or conventional) with popular model series including the Vogue, Mexico and Logic+.

Ideal boiler cost range (£624.24-£2,780.56*)

Ideal have 3 series of products, each with a range of boilers designed for specific requirements. These series are:

• Vogue – Ideal’s premium range of boilers, designed and built with high quality components. Boilers in this series come with up to 10 years warranty, and have received the Good Housekeeping Reader Recommended status in 2013 and 2017. This series includes combi and system boiler types only.

• Logic+ – the leading range from Ideal, boilers in this series comes with up to 7 years warranty, is supported by the Queen’s Award for Enterprise 2013, and received the Good Housekeeping Reader Recommended Status in 2013 and 2017. This series includes combi, system and heat-only models.

• Mexico – this series is exclusively floor standing boilers which are a convenient solution if you need a direct replacement for a floor standing boiler, or a larger output.

With kW outputs ranging from 12kW to 40kW, there is an Ideal boiler suitable for most domestic homes. The cheapest model by Ideal is the Independent 15kW system gas boiler priced at £624.24. On the other end of the spectrum, the most expensive boiler in the range is the Mexico HE36 heat-only gas boiler priced at £2780.56.

Ideal boilers, why would you choose one?

Choosing an Ideal boiler to heat your home has many advantages, here are just a few:

Up to 10 years warranty

Quiet Mark Accreditation

A-rated energy efficiency

Over 100 years’ experience in British manufacturing

Good Housekeeping Reader Recommended

The Queen's Awards for Enterprise

Compare Ideal boiler prices

BrandModel NameTypeFuelkWWarrantyExample Price*
(Including VAT)
IdealIndependent 15SystemGas15kW5£624.24
IdealIndependent C24CombiGas24kW5£625.36
IdealIndependent 18SystemGas18kW5£663.62
IdealIndependent C30CombiGas30kW5£671.48
IdealLogic 12Heat-OnlyGas12kW2£689.05
IdealLogic ESP1 24CombiGas24kW2£704.18
IdealIndependent 24SystemGas24kW5£710.86
IdealLogic Plus 15SystemGas15kW7£720.22
IdealLogic 15Heat-OnlyGas15kW2£724.34
IdealLogic 24CombiGas24kW2£743.39
IdealLogic Plus 12Heat-OnlyGas12kW7£748.34
IdealIndependent C35CombiGas35kW5£749.09
IdealIndependent 30SystemGas30kW5£750.2
IdealIndependent Plus C24CombiGas24kW7£753.58
IdealLogic 18Heat-OnlyGas18kW2£757.43
IdealLogic Heat 24Heat-OnlyGas24kW2£770.51
IdealLogic 15SystemGas15kW2£771.76
IdealLogic Plus 15Heat-OnlyGas15kW7£782.41
IdealLogic Plus 24CombiGas24kW7£789.26
IdealLogic 24Heat-OnlyGas24kW2£790.5
IdealLogic ESP1 30CombiGas30kW2£794.78
IdealLogic 15SystemGas15kW2£803.81
IdealLogic 18SystemGas18kW2£804.83
IdealIndependent Plus C30CombiGas30kW7£813.2
IdealLogic Plus 18Heat-OnlyGas18kW7£814.21
IdealLogic Plus 15SystemGas15kW7£827.83
IdealLogic 30CombiGas30kW2£829.5
IdealLogic Plus 18SystemGas18kW7£831.95
IdealLogic 24SystemGas24kW2£839
IdealLogic 18SystemGas18kW2£839.38
IdealLogic Plus 24Heat-OnlyGas24kW7£847.14
IdealVogue 15SystemGas15kW8£850.03
IdealLogic Plus 18SystemGas18kW7£860.76
IdealLogic 30SystemGas30kW2£872.09
IdealLogic 24SystemGas24kW2£874.76
IdealLogic Plus 30CombiGas30kW7£878.93
IdealLogic Heat 30Heat-OnlyGas30kW2£890.52
IdealIndependent Plus C35CombiGas35kW7£890.81
IdealLogic Plus 24SystemGas24kW7£892.56
IdealLogic Plus 24SystemGas24kW7£899.24
IdealLogic 30Heat-OnlyGas30kW2£899.64
IdealLogic Plus 30SystemGas30kW7£906.41
IdealLogic ESP1 35CombiGas35kW2£907.91
IdealLogic System 30SystemGas30kW2£910.24
IdealVogue 18SystemGas18kW8£919.49
IdealLogic Plus 30SystemGas30kW7£924.36
IdealLogic 35CombiGas35kW2£937.55
IdealVogue C26 Gen2CombiGas26kW8£948.16
IdealLogic Plus 30Heat-OnlyGas30kW7£951.61
IdealLogic Plus 35CombiGas35kW7£987.95
IdealVogue C26 Gen2CombiGas26kW8£1003.08
IdealVogue 26SystemGas26kW8£1033.03
IdealVogue C32 Gen2CombiGas32kW8£1035.25
IdealVogue S15 Gen2SystemGas15kW8£1038.19
IdealMexico HE15Heat-OnlyGas15kW2£1072
IdealVogue 32SystemGas32kW8£1099.5
IdealVogue C32 Gen2CombiGas32kW8£1113.86
IdealVogue S18 Gen2SystemGas18kW8£1130.64
IdealVogue C40 Gen2CombiGas40kW8£1134.48
IdealMexico HE18Heat-OnlyGas18kW2£1159.26
IdealVogue S26 Gen2SystemGas26kW8£1159.56
IdealVogue C40 Gen2CombiGas40kW8£1230.78
IdealVogue S32 Gen2SystemGas32kW8£1240.94
IdealLogic Code ESP1CombiGas26kW2£1287.38
IdealLogic Code ESP1CombiGas33kW2£1388.48
IdealLogic Code ESP1CombiGas38kW2£1551.09
IdealMexico HE24Heat-OnlyGas24kW2£1602.94
IdealMexico HE30Heat-OnlyGas30kW2£1969.88
IdealMexico HE36Heat-OnlyGas36kW2£2780.56

Ideal boiler type ranges

Ideal produce combi, system and heat-only boilers, majority of which are fuelled by gas but are available with LPG conversion. Ideal do not produce oil boilers, this is something you can find out more about on the oil boiler page.

Here you’ll find further information on the types of boilers that are available within the Ideal brand range.

Ideal combi boilers

Combi boilers provide heat and hot water throughout your home from one compact appliance, eliminating the need for a hot water cylinder or storage tank. Combi boilers are convenient for households tight on space, where water storage would be difficult to install. By only heating the water you need, combi boilers are efficient and could save money on your gas bill.

Combi boilers are available in the Ideal Vogue and Logic+ series. Boilers in the Vogue series come with a manufacturer-backed warranty of up to 8 years, whereas boilers in the Logic+ series come with up to 7 years manufacturer-backed warranty. The Logic series come with a manufacturer-backed warranty of 2 years. When it comes to the kW outputs, Ideal combi boilers are available from 24kW up to 40kW, so they are suitable for most domestic homes.

Prices of Ideal combi boilers start at £625.36 for the Independent C24, ascending to £1,551.09 for the Logic Code ESP1 38kW model.

Ideal system boilers

If you have a higher than average demand for hot water or have a large home to heat, a system boiler could be a good option to consider. A system boiler will pump hot water to a sealed cylinder and to the radiators which allows for a quicker response of hot water through to your taps and can also be more energy efficient as typically less heat is wasted.

There are Ideal system boilers available in the Vogue series which comes with a warranty of up to 8 years that is manufacturer backed, and the Logic+ series which comes with a 7 year manfuacturer backed warranty. The outputs of these boilers range from 15kW to 32kW so the Ideal range is typically suited to deal with the hot water demands of small to medium sized households.

Prices of Ideal system boilers start at £624.24 for the Independent 15kW, ascending to £1,240.94 for the Vogue S32 GEN2.

Ideal heat-only boilers

Ideal have a choice of heat-only boilers for domestic properties within the Logic+ and Mexico series. These boilers come with a standard manufacturer-backed warranty of 2 years, with an option to extend up to 10 years. The heat-only boilers range in kW outputs starting at 12kW and up to 36kW.

Prices of Ideal heat-only boilers start at £689.05 for the Logic 12kW, ascending to £2780.56 for the Mexico HE36.

What homes are the Ideal boiler range suited to?

Ideal have an expansive range of boilers available to choose from inclusive of heat-only, system and of course the most popular type, combi boilers, but which of these are suitable for your home? There are two key things to consider; what type of boiler you need, and what kW output your home requires.

The Ideal boiler range varies in outputs of 12kW to 40kW which means that there is a model suitable for most properties from a one-bedroom, one-bathroom apartment to a 4-bedroom house with multiple bathrooms. Here’s a general guide to the kW outputs required for different property sizes:

1-2 bedroom3-4 bedroom4+ bedrooms
10 radiators15 radiators20 radiators
1 bathroom1-2 bathrooms2+ bathrooms

(This information has been supplied by Help-Link UK limited and has been produced for information purposes only and should not be used or relied upon as a substitute for professional advice by a suitably qualified engineer.)

* Prices correct as of 3rd September 2018 from this list of suppliers