New Gas Boiler Price Comparison

Gas is the most common method used to fuel boilers and heat homes in the UK. There is a wide range of gas boilers available to choose from, it can be hard to determine what the best gas boiler for your home may be but we’re here to help.

There are three types of gas boilers; combi (combination), system and heat-only. The most popular boiler type is the combi boiler because of their compact size and energy efficiency.

Compare gas boiler brands

We've looked into several different boiler brands which manufacture boilers for gas heating & compiled a list of some of the top names and information to help you make an informed decision. There are a wide range of brands available if you have gas mains including big names like Worcester Bosch, Vaillant, Ideal & Baxi.

The Gas boilers available are in a wide variety of types including Heat-Only, System & Combi from a range of kW outputs from 9kW to 116kW. We have researched 290 boilers for you to compare in the table below.

Here are just some of the market leading brands that we offer which produce gas boilers:

New gas boiler price range (£442 - £3,426.56*)

Gas boilers are powered by natural gas which is piped into homes using an underground network of pipes. Gas being as widely available in the UK as it is, make gas fuelled boilers a common choice for a new boiler installation. Gas could also be the cheapest fuel option. If you have a gas boiler you will have a gas meter in your home.

Here is a guide to the price range of each boiler type when fuelled gas:

Combi: £499.00 - £2,850.06

Heat-Only: £442 - £3,426.56

System: £521 - £1,456.68

The kW outputs of the gas boiler range generally start at 9kW and increase up to 37kW for domestic properties, so there should be a boiler for every home. Warranties on gas boiler can range from 1 year up to 8 years depending on the manufacturer and specific model.

Why choose a gas boiler

Heating your home with a gas boiler could be cheaper than using another fuel type such as electricity or oil which are typically expensive methods to power a boiler. Here are some of the advantages to installing a gas boiler:

New gas boilers are typically very energy efficient and condensing

As it’s the most common fuel type, gas boiler products are competitively priced

Gas is usually the cheapest and most accessible type of fuel

Natural gas is one of the cleanest fossil fuels and produces less CO2 than coal or oil

Compare gas boiler prices

BrandModel NameTypeFuelkWWarrantyExample Price*
(Including VAT)
VokeraMyNute 15VHEHeat-OnlyGas15kW2£442
VokeraEasi-Heat 18VHeat-OnlyGas20kW5£479
VokeraMyNute 20VHEHeat-OnlyGas20kW2£492
VokeraCompact 25ACombiGas25kw5£499
VokeraMynute i20SystemGas20kw2£521
VokeraCompact 29ACombiGas29kw5£539
VokeraVision 20sSystemGas20kw7£545
AlphaE-TEC 28CombiGas28kw5£562.80
VokeraVision 25sSystemGas25kw7£581
PottertonGold 18SystemGas18kW2£588.65
BiasiAdvance Plus ERP 25SystemGas25kW5£594
VokeraMynute i30SystemGas30kw2£596
AlphaE-TEC 33CombiGas33kw5£598.80
VokeraVision 25cCombiGas25kw7£602
AlphaInTec 24XCombiGas24kW2£604.8
PottertonGold 24SystemGas24kW2£612.55
BiasiInovia System ERP 25SystemGas25kW5£624
IdealIndependent 15SystemGas15kW5£624.24
IdealIndependent C24CombiGas24kW5£625.36
FerroliModena HE 18sSystemGas18kW5£628.56
PottertonGold 28SystemGas28kW2£633.36
BiasiInovia 25CCombiGas25kW5£636
VokeraVision 30cCombiGas30kw7£638
AlphaInTec2 28XECombiGas28kw7£642
FerroliModena HE 25sSystemGas25kW5£647.85
PottertonGold 24CombiGas24kW2£653.42
BiasiAdvance Plus 7 25CCombiGas26.6kW7£659.99
BiasiAdvance Plus ERP 30SystemGas30kW7£659.99
BiasiInovia 30CCombiGas30kW5£660
IdealIndependent 18SystemGas18kW5£663.62
FerroliModena 27c HECombiGas27kw5£665.91
IdealIndependent C30CombiGas30kW5£671.48
FerroliModena 32c HECombiGas32kW5£678.48
IdealLogic 12Heat-OnlyGas12kW2£689.05
BiasiAdvance Plus 7 30CCombiGas31.9kW7£699.99
PottertonPromax SL 12Heat-OnlyGas12kW2£701.32
IdealLogic ESP1 24CombiGas24kW2£704.18
PottertonTitanium 12Heat-OnlyGas12kW7£705.12
IdealIndependent 24SystemGas24kW5£710.86
FerroliModena HE 32SSystemGas32kW5£716.78
VokeraUnica i28CombiGas28kw5£717
BiasiInovia 35CCombiGas35kW5£719.99
BiasiAdvance Plus 7 35CCombiGas36.4kW7£719.99
IdealLogic Plus 15SystemGas15kW7£720.22
PottertonGold 28HECombiGas28kW2£724.13
IdealLogic 15Heat-OnlyGas15kW2£724.34
Glow-WormEnergy 12Heat-OnlyGas12kW2£726.35
Glow-WormEnergy 12SystemGas12kW2£734.69
Glow-WormEnergy 25CombiGas25kW2£735.93
PottertonTitanium 15Heat-OnlyGas15kW7£742.56
IdealLogic 24CombiGas24kW2£743.39
Glow-WormEnergy 15Heat-OnlyGas15kW2£744.64
IdealLogic Plus 12Heat-OnlyGas12kW7£748.34
VaillantecoTEC plus 412Heat-OnlyGas12kW5£749.07
IdealIndependent C35CombiGas35kW5£749.09
AlphaInTec 26CECombiGas26kW5£749.95
AristonClas HE Evo 18SystemGas18kW5£750
IdealIndependent 30SystemGas30kW5£750.2
BaxiEcoBlue Heat 12Heat-OnlyGas12kW2£751.31
Glow-WormEnergy 15SystemGas15kW2£753.22
IdealIndependent Plus C24CombiGas24kW7£753.58
IdealLogic 18Heat-OnlyGas18kW2£757.43
BaxiDuo-tec 24CombiGas24kW7£765.43
PottertonTitanium 24CombiGas24kW7£767.52
IdealLogic Heat 24Heat-OnlyGas24kW2£770.51
IdealLogic 15SystemGas15kW2£771.76
Glow-WormUltimate2 35CombiGas35kW2£774
Glow-WormEnergy 18Heat-OnlyGas18kW2£778.94
Baxi224 Heat 24Heat-OnlyGas24kW3£779.81
PottertonTitanium 18Heat-OnlyGas18kW7£780
Glow-WormEnergy 18SystemGas18kW2£781.31
IdealLogic Plus 15Heat-OnlyGas15kW7£782.41
IdealLogic Plus 24CombiGas24kW7£789.26
IdealLogic 24Heat-OnlyGas24kW2£790.5
AristonE-System OneSystemGas30kW2£793.95
IdealLogic ESP1 30CombiGas30kW2£794.78
PottertonGold 33HECombiGas33kW2£794.83
BaxiEcoBlue Advance Heat 13Heat-OnlyGas13kW7£797.01
BaxiEcoBlue Heat 15Heat-OnlyGas15kW2£798.75
AristonClas HE Evo 24SystemGas24kW5£799
VokeraUnica i32CombiGas32kw5£799.99
IdealLogic 15SystemGas15kW2£803.81
IdealLogic 18SystemGas18kW2£804.83
BaxiEcoBlue+ 24CombiGas24kW7£804.85
Glow-WormEnergy 25Heat-OnlyGas25kW2£813.15
IdealIndependent Plus C30CombiGas30kW7£813.2
IdealLogic Plus 18Heat-OnlyGas18kW7£814.21
PottertonTitanium 24Heat-OnlyGas24kW7£817.44
Worcester-BoschGreenstar 12RiHeat-OnlyGas12kW5£823.43
VaillantecoTEC plus 415 15Heat-OnlyGas15kW5£824.74
PottertonPromax System 12SystemGas12kW2£825.77
AlphaeTEC Plus 28CombiGas28kW5£826.8
Glow-WormEnergy 30CombiGas30kW2£827.76
IdealLogic Plus 15SystemGas15kW7£827.83
IdealLogic 30CombiGas30kW2£829.5
PottertonTitanium 28CombiGas28kW7£829.92
IdealLogic Plus 18SystemGas18kW7£831.95
AlphaInTec2 30CECombiGas30kw5£833.17
BaxiPlatinum 24CombiGas24kW10£833.62
Glow-WormEnergy 25SystemGas25kW2£833.88
VokeraEvolve 24CCombiGas24kw7£838.8
IdealLogic 24SystemGas24kW2£839
IdealLogic 18SystemGas18kW2£839.38
PottertonTitanium 30Heat-OnlyGas30kW7£842.4
ViessmannBPJD Vitodens 050-W 29CombiGas29kW3£842.78
BaxiMegaflo System 15SystemGas15kW7£843.18
VaillantecoFIT pure 612SystemGas12kW2£844.24
IdealLogic Plus 24Heat-OnlyGas24kW7£847.14
IdealVogue 15SystemGas15kW8£850.03
VaillantecoTec plus 612SystemGas12kW5£850.52
VokeraMynute 35 HESystemGas35kW2£850.61
Glow-WormEnergy 30Heat-OnlyGas30kW2£852.24
Worcester-BoschGreenstar 15RiHeat-OnlyGas15kW5£857.9
Glow-WormEnergy 30SystemGas30kW2£859.6
FerroliModena 38c HECombiGas38kw5£860.56
IdealLogic Plus 18SystemGas18kW7£860.76
PottertonPromax Ultra 24CombiGas24kW2£863.68
ViessmannBPJD Vitodens 050-W 35CombiGas35kW3£870.44
ViessmannWB1B Vitodens 100-W 13Heat-OnlyGas13kW5£871.62
IdealLogic 30SystemGas30kW2£872.09
VaillantEcoFIT pure 825CombiGas25kW2£874.74
IdealLogic 24SystemGas24kW2£874.76
VokeraEvolve 28CCombiGas28kW7£874.8
IdealLogic Plus 30CombiGas30kW7£878.93
VokeraUnica i36CombiGas36kW5£885
BaxiEcoBlue+ 28CombiGas28kW7£885.12
IdealLogic Heat 30Heat-OnlyGas30kW2£890.52
IdealIndependent Plus C35CombiGas35kW7£890.81
PottertonTitanium 33CombiGas33kW7£892.32
IdealLogic Plus 24SystemGas24kW7£892.56
VaillantecoTec plus 615SystemGas15kW5£893.79
VaillantecoTEC plus 418Heat-OnlyGas18kW5£895.43
PottertonPromax System 24SystemGas24kW1£897.5
VokeraEvolve 32CCombiGas32kW7£898.8
AlphaInTec2 35CECombiGas35kw5£898.81
IdealLogic Plus 24SystemGas24kW7£899.24
IdealLogic 30Heat-OnlyGas30kW2£899.64
VaillantecoFIT pure 615SystemGas15kW2£901.66
BaxiEcoBlue Heat 21Heat-OnlyGas21kW2£905.19
IdealLogic Plus 30SystemGas30kW7£906.41
IdealLogic ESP1 35CombiGas35kW2£907.91
AlphaInTec2 26CECombiGas26kw5£908.28
IdealLogic System 30SystemGas30kW2£910.24
AlphaeTEC Plus 33CombiGas33kW5£910.8
BaxiEcoBlue System 12SystemGas12kW5£912.82
ViessmannVitodens 100-WHeat-OnlyGas16kW5£915.6
ViessmannWB1B Vitodens 100-W 19Heat-OnlyGas19kW5£915.81
BaxiEcoBlue Heat 24Heat-OnlyGas24kW2£916.18
IdealVogue 18SystemGas18kW8£919.49
Worcester-BoschGreenstar 18RiHeat-OnlyGas18kW5£920.39
IdealLogic Plus 30SystemGas30kW7£924.36
BaxiDuo-tec 28CombiGas28kW7£925.59
AristonClas One 24CombiGas24kW8£930.95
Worcester-BoschGreenstar 9iSystemGas9kW5£931.32
BaxiEcoBlue System 15SystemGas15kW5£934.79
IdealLogic 35CombiGas35kW2£937.55
Glow-WormEnergy 35CombiGas35kW5£940.21
BaxiDuo-Tec 40CombiGas40kW7£940.4
Glow-WormEnergy 35CombiGas35kW2£940.5
Worcester-BoschGreenstar 12iSystemGas12kW5£947.34
IdealVogue C26 Gen2CombiGas26kW8£948.16
IdealLogic Plus 30Heat-OnlyGas30kW7£951.61
BaxiEcoBlue Advance 24CombiGas24kW10£955.05
BaxiEcoBlue Advance Heat 25Heat-OnlyGas25kW7£955.52
BaxiMegaflo System 24SystemGas24kW7£958.29
VaillantecoTEC plus 424 24Heat-OnlyGas24kW5£961.62
PottertonTitanium 40CombiGas40kW7£967.2
PottertonPromax 28CombiGas28kW2£968.33
VaillantEcoFIT pure 830CombiGas30kW2£974.18
BaxiEcoBlue System 18SystemGas18kW5£974.72
Worcester-BoschGreenstar 24RiHeat-OnlyGas24kW5£975.34
ViessmannWB1B Vitodens 100-W 26Heat-OnlyGas26kW5£975.51
BaxiPlatinum 28CombiGas28kW10£976.6
VaillantecoFIT pure 618SystemGas18kW2£976.97
VaillantecoTEC Pro 24CombiGas24kW5£980
IdealLogic Plus 35CombiGas35kW7£987.95
VaillantecoTec plus 618SystemGas18kW5£989.15
BaxiEcoBlue Advance Heat 30Heat-OnlyGas30kW7£989.64
BaxiMegaflo System 28SystemGas28kW7£990.69
VokeraEvolve 36CCombiGas36kW7£994.8
Worcester-BoschGreenstar 15iSystemGas15kW5£1001.19
IdealVogue C26 Gen2CombiGas26kW8£1003.08
Worcester-BoschGreenstar 25iCombiGas25kW5£1008.74
AristonClas One 30CombiGas30kW8£1012.95
BaxiMegaflo System 32SystemGas32kW7£1015.56
VaillantecoTEC plus 430Heat-OnlyGas30kW5£1026.36
BaxiDuo-tec 33CombiGas33kW7£1029.59
IdealVogue 26SystemGas26kW8£1033.03
ViessmannB1HC Vitodens 100-W 19SystemGas19kW5£1033.16
IdealVogue C32 Gen2CombiGas32kW8£1035.25
IdealVogue S15 Gen2SystemGas15kW8£1038.19
ViessmannB1KC Vitodens 100-W 26CombiGas26kW5£1044.58
Worcester-BoschGreenstar 18iSystemGas18kW5£1047.53
VaillantecoTEC Pro 28CombiGas28kW5£1058
Worcester-BoschGreenstar 28CDi CompactCombiGas28kW5£1062.53
BaxiEcoblue 24SystemGas24kW5£1066.68
ViessmannB1HC Vitodens 100-W 26SystemGas26kW5£1068.04
VokeraLinea One 38CombiGas38kw5£1069.99
IdealMexico HE15Heat-OnlyGas15kW2£1072
Worcester-BoschGreenstar 27RiHeat-OnlyGas27kW5£1073.39
Worcester-BoschGreenstar 21iSystemGas21kW5£1077.7
VaillantecoTEC Pro 30CombiGas30kW5£1083.29
Worcester-BoschGreenstar 25Si CompactCombiGas25kW5£1084.16
ViessmannB1KC Vitodens 100-W 30CombiGas30kW5£1092.2
VaillantecoTEC Plus 825CombiGas25.4kW5£1095.27
BaxiPlatinum 33CombiGas33kW10£1097.87
BaxiEcoblue Advance 28CombiGas28kW10£1098.51
IdealVogue 32SystemGas32kW8£1099.5
ViessmannB1HC Vitodens 100-W 30SystemGas30kW5£1100.28
BaxiEcoblue 28SystemGas28kW5£1100.81
Worcester-BoschGreenstar 24iSystemGas24kW5£1110.78
Worcester-BoschGreenstar 29CDi ClassicCombiGas29kW5£1110.88
IdealVogue C32 Gen2CombiGas32kW8£1113.86
VaillantecoFIT pure 625SystemGas25kW2£1115.9
Worcester-BoschGreenstar 27iSystemGas27kW5£1116.48
Worcester-BoschGreenstar 30RiHeat-OnlyGas30kW5£1116.48
Worcester-BoschGreenstar 30iSystemGas30kW5£1118.45
Worcester-BoschGreenstar 30CDi ClassicSystemGas30kW5£1120.56
Worcester-BoschGreenstar 30SiCombiGas30kW5£1126.84
IdealVogue S18 Gen2SystemGas18kW8£1130.64
VaillantecoTEC Plus 624SystemGas24kW5£1131.17
BaxiDuo-tec 40CombiGas40kW7£1133.59
IdealVogue C40 Gen2CombiGas40kW8£1134.48
VaillantecoFIT 835CombiGas35kW5£1145.09
Worcester-BoschGreenstar 30CDi ClassicHeat-OnlyGas30kW5£1149.10
AristonClas One 38CombiGas38kW8£1149.95
BaxiEcoblue 32SystemGas32kW5£1151.72
ViessmannB1HC Vitodens 100-W 35SystemGas35kW5£1152.93
ViessmannVitodens 100-WCombiGas35kW5£1153.26
IdealMexico HE18Heat-OnlyGas18kW2£1159.26
IdealVogue S26 Gen2SystemGas26kW8£1159.56
Worcester-BoschGreenstar 32CDiCombiGas32kW5£1190.18
BaxiPlatinum 40CombiGas40kW10£1205.12
VaillantecoTEC Plus 630SystemGas30kW5£1207.78
VaillantecoTEC Plus 832CombiGas32kW5£1207.79
VaillantecoTEC Pure 630SystemGas30kW2£1210.46
BaxiEcoblue Advance 33CombiGas33kW10£1217.09
IdealVogue C40 Gen2CombiGas40kW8£1230.78
Worcester-BoschGreenstar 34CDiCombiGas34kW5£1234.3
IdealVogue S32 Gen2SystemGas32kW8£1240.94
Worcester-BoschGreenstar 35CDiSystemGas35kW5£1259.04
BaxiEcoblue Advance 40CombiGas40kW10£1282.46
VaillantecoTEC Plus 835CombiGas35kW5£1282.92
IdealLogic Code ESP1CombiGas26kW2£1287.38
Worcester-BoschGreenstar 36CDiCombiGas36kW5£1313.04
AristonClas Net One 24CombiGas24kW12£1314.95
VaillantecoTEC Plus 637SystemGas37kW5£1372.65
IdealLogic Code ESP1CombiGas33kW2£1388.48
Worcester-BoschGreenstar 38CDiCombiGas38kW5£1389.03
AristonClas Net One 30CombiGas30kW12£1409.95
VaillantecoTEC 627SystemGas27kW5£1423.37
ViessmannVitodens 100-WHeat-OnlyGas35kW5£1446.9
ViessmannVitodens 200-WSystemGas26kW3£1456.68
AristonClas Net One 38CombiGas38kW12£1505.95
Worcester-BoschGreenstar Fs 30CDiHeat-OnlyGas30kW5£1509.63
ViessmannVitodens 111-WCombiGas26kW5£1516.17
VaillantecoTEC Plus 938CombiGas38.7kW5£1530.98
IdealLogic Code ESP1CombiGas38kW2£1551.09
Worcester-BoschGreenstar 40CDiHeat-OnlyGas40kW5£1571.69
VaillantecoTEC 835CombiGas35kW5£1586.43
IdealMexico HE24Heat-OnlyGas24kW2£1602.94
ViessmannVitodens 111-WCombiGas35kW5£1630.02
Worcester-BoschGreenstar 42CDiCombiGas42kW5£1668.21
VaillantecoTEC 843CombiGas43kW5£1916.94
IdealMexico HE30Heat-OnlyGas30kW2£1969.88
Worcester-BoschGreenstar Highflow 440CDiCombiGas29.2kW5£2003.14
AlphaInTec 30GSCombiGas30kW5£2106.02
Worcester-BoschGreenstar Fs 42CDiHeat-OnlyGas42kW5£2223.68
Worcester-BoschGreenstar Highflow 550CDiCombiGas30.6kW5£2434.58
ViessmannVitodens 222-FCombiGas19kW3£2702.88
IdealMexico HE36Heat-OnlyGas36kW2£2780.56
ViessmannVitodens 222-FCombiGas26kW3£2785.38
ViessmannVitodens 222-FCombiGas35kW3£2850.06
FerroliEnergy Top 125Heat-OnlyGas116kW1£3426.56

Cost of a Gas boiler installation

Gas boiler installation prices widely vary depending on a variety of factors relating to your home, and your hot water and central heating demands. The cost of a boiler will likely depend on the size of the house it needs to supply. The bigger the house, the more power your boiler will need, and those can be more expensive than a boiler that supplies a smaller house. The cost of labour will also vary depending on the intensity of the work involved to remove the old boiler and install the new one.

Additional cost to your new boiler replacement may occur if:

• Extra parts are required

• Extra pipework or brickwork is needed

• The position of the boiler is moved

• Scaffolding is required

• There is asbestos or artex at the property

• The boiler type is changed e.g. combi to conventional swap*

* the above list of factors is not exhaustive and other factors not considered above may effect the price of the overall supply and install costs.

What gas boiler do I need in my home?

Suited for most homes which have a mains gas supply or access to LPG, gas boilers are available in 3 types including combi, heat-only and system. The size of your home and your demands for heat and hot water will depend on the type of boiler you need. Generally, we recommend small to medium sized homes are best suited to combi boilers; whereas large homes with a high demand for heat and hot water are usually well suited to a system or heat-only boiler. However, all boiler types have models available which vary in size and output to suit a range of properties.

One of the most important considerations when choosing a boiler for your home is the kW output, as this determines the boilers ability to cope with your hot water demand. The number of bathrooms and radiators are key influences on what kW output you need.

It's really important to consider various different aspects when choosing a boiler for your home. What you need to look at most importantly is the kW output, this determines how able the boiler is to cope with the demand for hot water. This is key as you will need to know if the boiler is the right one for the amount of bathroom & radiators you have in your home.

Below you can find a guide on the kW output your home may require based on it's size:

1-2 bedroom3-4 bedroom4+ bedrooms
10 radiators15 radiators20 radiators
1 bathroom1-2 bathrooms2+ bathrooms

(This information has been supplied by Help-Link UK limited and has been produced for information purposes only and should not be used or relied upon as a substitute for professional advice by a suitably qualified engineer.)

* Prices correct as of 3rd September 2018 from the list of suppliers