Combi boiler prices

Are you interested in getting a combi boiler installed in your home? Then you have loads of different brands and options to choose from as combination boilers are the most common boiler in homes across the UK. Some of the brand options you have available to you include: Worcester Bosch, Vaillant, Vokera, Baxi, Ideal and so many more, each of these options have their own pro’s & con’s.

How do combi boilers work?

Combi boilers work by having a single compact system which heats your hot water and pushes the heat through your radiators with no need for a hot water cylinder or cold-water tank. This boiler type provides instant hot water as soon as you turn the tap on.

Modern combi boilers are usually condensing boilers which are designed to make them effective and energy efficient. A condensing boiler makes more use of the energy it uses as it extracts the heat from the flue which means that it loses less energy than a non-condensing boiler.

Combi boilers contain control valves which operate in various directions, this allows water to flow through either the central heating system or determines if it should be diverted to the appropriate hot water tap, but the limitation is that you can never have both at the same time.

New combi boiler price range (£478.80 - £2,762.10*)

As combi boilers are the most popular type of boiler in homes across the UK there are loads of different models & brands to choose from. Out of the brands we have featured, which include Biasi, Vokera, Potterton, Ferroli, Glow-Worm, Alpha, Worcester Bosch & more, we have managed to provide a price range for the base boiler, without installation.

The base combi boiler range starts with the price of £478.80 with the Biasi Riva Plus 24kW which has a two-year warranty & the most expensive of the range model is the Viessmann Vitodens 222-F 35kW Storage with a 5-year warranty priced at £2,762.10.

Why choose a Combi boiler?

Deciding whether to replace your back boiler is a tricky one, here is a list of some advantages of combi boiler to help you make your decision:

Combi boilers are more compact and space saving

Designed to be more efficient than older boiler models due to the condensing technology

Hot water is provided faster and it’s unlimited, as long as there is a gas supply

Typically cheaper as they are less complex, they are typically cheaper to install as well due to their size

Due to their popularity they're typically easier to service and repair

Compare system boiler prices

BrandModel NameTypeFuelkWWarrantyTypical Price
(Including VAT)
BiasiRiva Plus ERP 24CombiGas24kW2£478.80
VokeraCompact 25ACombiGas25kw2£499.00
BiasiRiva Plus ERP 28CombiGas28kW2£526.80
AlphaE-TEC 28CombiGas28kw5£538.80
VokeraCompact 29ACombiGas29kw2£539.00
PottertonGold 24CombiGas24kW2£571.00
Glow-WormEasicom 24cCombiGas24kW4£575.00
AlphaEco2 PlusCombiGas28kw6£580.00
AlphaE-TEC 33CombiGas33kw5£586.80
VokeraVision 25cCombiGas25kw5£602.00
FerroliModena 32c HECombiGas32kW5£611.18
FerroliModena 27c HECombiGas27kw5£612.75
Glow-WormEasicom 28cCombiGas28kW4£615.00
AlphaEVOKE 28CombiGas28kw5£625.00
AlphaInTec2 28XECombiGas28kw3£634.80
VokeraVision 30cCombiGas30kw5£635.00
BiasiInovia ERP 25CombiGas25kW5£636.00
BiasiAdvance Plus ERP 25CombiGas25kW5£639.99
AlphaEVOKE 33CombiGas33kw5£655.00
BiasiInovia ERP 30CombiGas30kW5£660.00
Glow-WormUltimate2 30CombiGas30kW5£668.40
IdealLogic ESP1 24CombiGas24kW2£668.98
BiasiAdvance Plus ERP 30CombiGas30kW5£674.99
BiasiInovia ERP 35CombiGas35kW5£684.00
BiasiAdvance Plus ERP 35CombiGas35kW5£699.99
Glow-WormEnergy 25CombiGas25kW2£700.00
AristonCLAS HE evo 38CombiGas38kW2£715.00
VokeraUnica i28CombiGas28kw5£717.00
PottertonTitanium 24CombiGas24kW7£738.00
IdealLogic ESP1 30CombiGas30kW2£760.79
AlphaInTec2 25XECombiGas25kw2£774.09
IdealLogic Plus 24CombiGas24kW7£777.60
Glow-WormUltimate2 35CombiGas35kW2£786.00
Glow-WormEnergy 30CombiGas30kW2£787.50
BaxiEcoBlue+ 24CombiGas24kW7£790.80
FerroliModena 38c HECombiGas38kw5£791.87
BaxiDuo-tec 28 LPGCombiGas28kW7£795.93
PottertonTitanium 28CombiGas28kW7£798.00
AristonCLAS HE evo 24CombiGas24kW5£799.00
VokeraUnica i32CombiGas32kw5£799.99
ViessmannBPJD Vitodens 050-W 29CombiGas29kW5£827.99
IdealLogic 24CombiGas24kW2£829.07
PottertonPromax Ultra 24CombiGas24kW2£833.61
VokeraEvolve C 24CombiGas24kw7£834.00
AlphaInTec2 30CECombiGas30kw5£835.20
AristonCLAS HE evo 30CombiGas30kW5£839.00
BaxiPlatinum 24CombiGas24kW10£849.47
BaxiDuo-tec 24CombiGas24kW7£849.60
PottertonTitanium 33CombiGas33kW7£858.00
AristonE-evo 38CombiGas38kW5£858.08
VaillantEcoFIT pure 825CombiGas25kW7£868.74
VokeraEvolve C 28CombiGas28kw7£870.00
IdealLogic Plus 30CombiGas24kW7£870.00
IdealLogic ESP1 35CombiGas35kW2£872.08
VaillantHome 25CombiGas25kW2£882.00
VokeraUnica i36CombiGas36kw5£885.00
BaxiEcoBlue+ 28CombiGas28kW7£886.80
BaxiDuo-tec 28CombiGas28kW7£886.80
VokeraEvolve C 32CombiGas32kw7£894.00
AlphaInTec2 35CECombiGas35kw5£901.20
VaillantecoTEC Pro 24CombiGas24kW6£902.12
ViessmannBPJD Vitodens 050-W 35CombiGas35kW3£906.45
AlphaInTec2 26CECombiGas26kw5£908.28
BaxiDuo-tec 33CombiGas33kW7£914.73
BaxiEcoBlue Advance 24CombiGas24kW10£918.48
IdealLogic 30CombiGas30kW2£929.89
PottertonTitanium 40CombiGas40kW7£930.00
PottertonPromax 28CombiGas28kW2£930.86
Glow-WormEnergy 35CombiGas35kW2£931.25
BaxiPlatinum 28CombiGas28kW10£944.79
BaxiDuo-tec 40CombiGas40kW7£982.05
VaillantHome 30CombiGas30kW2£984.00
Worcester-BoschGreenstar 25iCombiGas25kW5£988.32
VaillantEcoFIT pure 830CombiGas30kW7£988.97
VaillantEcoFIt sustain 830CombiGas30kW5£988.97
VaillantecoTEC Pro 28CombiGas28kW6£989.72
VokeraEvolve C 36CombiGas36kw7£990.00
IdealLogic Plus 35CombiGas35kW7£996.00
BaxiEcoBlue+ 33CombiGas33kW7 £1,006.02
Worcester-BoschGreenstar 28CDi CompactCombiGas28kW5 £1,041.88
ViessmannB1KC Vitodens 100-W 26CombiGas26kW5 £1,051.62
BaxiEcoBlue Advance 28CombiGas28kW10 £1,056.48
IdealVogue GEN2 C26CombiGas26kW8 £1,056.66
IdealLogic 35CombiGas35kW2 £1,058.40
VokeraLinea One 38CombiGas38kw5 £1,069.99
Worcester-BoschGreenstar 25Si CompactCombiGas25kW5 £1,088.00
BaxiPlatinum 33CombiGas33kW10 £1,088.31
Worcester-BoschGreenstar 30iCombiGas30kW5 £1,089.41
VaillantecoTEC Pro 30CombiGas30kW6 £1,090.01
ViessmannB1KC Vitodens 100-W 30CombiGas30kW5 £1,099.05
Worcester-BoschGreenstar 29CDi ClassicCombiGas29kW5 £1,102.77
VaillantecoTEC plus 825CombiGas25kW8 £1,120.04
VaillantEcoFIt sustain 825CombiGas25kW5 £1,120.04
AlphaInTec 30CCombiGas30kw5 £1,124.54
Worcester-BoschGreenstar 30Si CompactCombiGas30kW5 £1,134.99
AristonE-evo 30CombiGas30kW5 £1,137.94
Worcester-BoschGreenstar 32CDi CompactCombiGas32kW5 £1,138.72
VaillantEcoFIT pure 835CombiGas35kW7 £1,140.00
ViessmannB1KC Vitodens 100-W 35CombiGas35kW5 £1,159.06
BaxiEcoBlue Advance 33CombiGas33kW10 £1,170.66
PottertonPromax 24CombiGas24kW1 £1,182.00
VaillantHome 35CombiGas35kW2 £1,182.00
BaxiPlatinum 40CombiGas40kW10 £1,214.79
VaillantecoTEC plus 832CombiGas32kW8 £1,222.41
IdealLogic Code ES 26CombiGas26kW2 £1,224.26
Worcester-BoschGreenstar 34CDi ClassicCombiGas34kW5 £1,226.33
BaxiEcoBlue Advance 40CombiGas40kW10 £1,233.71
IdealVogue Gen2 C32CombiGas32kW8 £1,245.95
AlphaInTec 34CCombiGas34kw7 £1,246.53
Worcester-BoschGreenstar 36CDi CompactCombiGas36kW5 £1,282.40
VaillantEcoFIt sustain 835CombiGas35kW5 £1,294.72
IdealVogue 40CombiGas26kW7 £1,347.40
IdealLogic Code ES 33CombiGas33kW2 £1,361.97
VaillantecoTEC plus 835 35CombiGas35kW8 £1,372.25
Worcester-BoschGreenstar 38CDi ClassicCombiGas38kW5 £1,387.45
IdealVogue GEN2 C40CombiGas40kW8 £1,387.48
PottertonPromax Ultra 28CombiGas28kW2 £1,454.40
PottertonPromax 33CombiGas33kW1 £1,480.80
IdealLogic Code ES 38CombiGas38kW2 £1,481.76
VaillantEcoTEC plus 938CombiGas38kW8 £1,557.08
Glow-WormEnergy 35 Store 35CombiGas35kW5 £1,579.18
ViessmannB1LD Vitodens 111-W 26CombiGas26kW5 £1,593.14
PottertonPromax Ultra 33CombiGas33kW2 £1,617.60
VaillantEcoTEC Exclusive Green IQ 835CombiGas35kW2 £1,651.55
Worcester-BoschGreenstar 42CDi ClassicCombiGas42kW5 £1,663.77
PottertonPromax Ultra 40CombiGas40kW2 £1,708.80
ViessmannB1LD Vitodens 111-W 35CombiGas35kW5 £1,712.64
VaillantEcoTEC Exclusive Green IQ 843CombiGas43kW2 £1,979.39
Worcester-BoschGreenstar Highflow 440CDiCombiGas29kW5 £2,000.60
AlphaInTec Gs 30CombiGas30kw5 £2,106.02
VaillantecoTEC plus 838CombiGas38kW8 £2,179.20
Worcester-BoschGreenstar Heatslave II External 32CombiOil32kW2 £2,227.73
Worcester-BoschGreenstar Heatslave II 18CombiOil18kW2 £2,320.95
AlphaInTec Gs 40CombiGas40kw5 £2,334.47
Worcester-BoschGreenstar Highflow 550CDiCombiGas30kW5 £2,436.93
Worcester-BoschGreenstar Heatslave II External 25CombiOil25kW2 £2,572.11
Worcester-BoschGreenstar Heatslave II External 18CombiOil18kW2 £2,572.11
Worcester-BoschGreenstar Heatslave II 25/32CombiOil32kW2 £2,599.82
ViessmannB2TB Vitodens 222-F 19 StorageCombiGas19kW5 £2,621.52
ViessmannB2TB Vitodens 222-F 26 StorageCombiGas26kW5 £2,700.72
ViessmannB2TB Vitodens 222-F 35 StorageCombiGas35kW5 £2,762.10

Combi boiler installation costs

The cost of installing a combi boiler varies massively dependant on your situation and choice of boiler amongst several other factors. As there are so many different factors to installing a combi boiler it can be hard to determine the cost without having a surveyor visit your home, here is a list of a few of the determining potential price factors:

• If you're planning a combi-combi swap it should keep prices down. If you are swapping different boiler types it can be more expensive, you may require more parts and additional labour

• As with changing any boiler you may require extra parts like a new gas pipe, a condensate pipe and if your flue needs to move, you might need scaffolding.

• If you are moving the boilers location, it may cost more.

• Different combi boiler brands can be easier to install than others.

• The install price can also be determined by your location and how in demand the boiler installers can be in your area.

What combi boiler do I need in my home?

There are combi boilers of all shapes and sizes suitable for all types of properties from a little one bedroom flat to large commercial property. When looking at what combi boiler to get the best suited boiler for your property is usually determind by the KW output. The number of bathrooms & radiators on a property will determine the kW output boiler that you need.

We have put together a small guide of what kW output you may require based on the size of your property:

1-2 bedroom3-4 bedroom4+ bedrooms
10 radiators15 radiators20 radiators
1 bathroom1-2 bathrooms2+ bathrooms

(This information has been supplied by Help-Link UK limited and has been produced for information purposes only and should not be used or relied upon as a substitute for professional advice by a suitably qualified engineer.)

* Prices correct as of December 2017 from our list of suppliers