Vokera Boiler Fault & Common Errors

Has an error code appeared on your Vokera boiler? Then we may be able to help. We've compiled a list of error codes and the potential cause of the issue, so you are aware of what the problem may be.

For a lot of fault codes the issue can often just be resolved by a simple reset, however on occasions it can be trickier. If you are stuck on trying to resolve an issue with your boiler then fill in our short contact form and one of our trusted boiler engineer partners will get in touch with you and offer advice to try and fix the issue remotely.

General Faults & Errors

This section is an overview of all of the types of errors that can occur on a Vokera boilers.

Fault CodeFault Image DescriptionPotential Cause
_STNoneAutomatically stopped
_CLNoneService is required
A01X over a flame, next to a bellInternal fault with ignition failure flames not sensed
A02BellFault with limit thermostat
A03BellFault with fan signal
A04BellWater pressure is insufficient
A06BellFault with DHW thermistor
A07BellFault with primary flow thermistor, over temperature
A08BellTemperature differential fault with return thermistor
A09BellFlue thermistor over temperature
A11BellFalse flame
A77BellFault with thermostat due to low temperature
ACOBellService operation
PNoneActivated preheating function
Blinking PNonePreheating function running
Flame ImageFlameThe flame is on
HoursNoneBoiler is in standby
01NoneIgnition failure
03NoneFan or flue has a problem
04NoneWater pressure is insufficient
05NoneReset your boiler
06NoneThere is an open circuit on the hot water thermistor
07NoneThere is an open circuit on the primary thermistor