Potterton Boiler Fault & Error Codes

Have you noticed that your Potterton boiler is displaying an error code? Not to worry, this isn't always as bad as it seems, there may be an easy fix.

We have pulled together a table of Potterton error codes, along with a potential cause so you can find out exactly what the issue may be. If you are still unable to diagnose the problem then you may benefit from contacting one of our trusted boiler engineer partners who can help remotely. All you have to do is simply fill in the quick contact form above for more details.

Potterton Promax & Promax Store Fault Codes

If you have an issue with your Potterton Promax / Promax Store then the table of error codes can help you determine the potential cause of the problem:

If you have a Promax Ultra, Gold or Titanium then click here.

Fault CodesPotential Cause
E10Sensor error (outdoor)
E20Sensor fault with the central heating thermistor
E28Fault with the flue thermistor
E50Fault with the domestic hot water sensor
E110Boiler overheat tripped
E119Below 0.5 bars of pressure - system pressure low
E125Fault with primary water circulation
E130Tripped flue thermostat sensor (lockout)
E131Lockout due to flue overheating
E133Fault with the ignition
E151Error with printed circuit board
E152Error with printed circuit board
E160Fault with fan
E161Fault with fan
E164Hot water sensor error, in the ROI this is a heating flow switch error
E167Error with printed circuit board
E168Lockout of the printed circuit board

Potterton Promax Ultra, Gold or Titanium Fault Codes

In this section you can find a list of all the status codes that can appear on your Potterton Promax Ultra, Gold or Titanium:

Fault CodesPotential Cause
E09Wiring fault with the gas valve
E10Error with the sensor
E15Connection fault with gas valve
E20Central heating thermistor sensor fault
E28Fault with flue thermistor
E40Fault with the central heating return thermistor
E50Fault with the domestic hot water sensor
E53Obstruction in relation to the flue
E55Calibration is required
E78Fault with the water pressure sensor
E83 through to E87Room controller and boiler not communicating
E92Combustion test alarm during auto setting
E109Circulation is poor
E110The boiler overheating has tripped
E117Above 2.9 bars of pressure - high pressure
E118Below 0.5 bars of pressure - low pressure
E125Fault with the primary water circulation
E128During operation there has been a loss of flame
E129During calibration there has been a loss of flame
E130Flue thermostat sensor tripped , leading to lockout
E133Fault with ignition
E135Error internally
E154Fault with primary flow
E160Fault with the fan
E270Dry fire
E317The power supply is wrong
E321Fault with hot water thermistor
E384When gas valve is off there is a false flame detected
E385Voltage is low, or less than 195v