Ideal Boiler Fault & Error Codes

Has your Ideal boiler developed a fault? Then it will likely be displaying an error code, in which you will be able to find in the list below, along with the potential cause.

If you are unable to diagnose the issue then one of our partnered professional boiler engineers may be able to help. If you simply fill in the contact form above one, they will be in touch and try help you fix the issue remotely or send a boiler engineer.

Ideal "C", "F" & "L" Error Codes

If your Ideal boiler is playing up then it may be displaying an error code, you can find a list of error codes and the potential cause below:

Fault CodePotential Cause
C0BCC Activation fault - reset the boiler
C2BCC Fault - reset the boiler
F1Low water pressure - Check that the pressure is between 1 & 1.5 bars
F2 & L2Flame loss - Check your gas supply
F3Fan fault - reset the boiler
F4Flow thermistor - reset the boiler
F5Return thermistor - reset the boiler
F6Outside sensor failure - reset the boiler
F7Low mains voltage - fill in our enquiry form
F9Unconfigured printed circuit board
L1Flow temperature overheat or no water flow
L3No water flow - check the system pressure is between 1 & 1.5 bars
L55 Boiler resets in 15 minutes - turn power off and on at the fused spur
L6False flame lockout - reset the boiler

Ideal Boiler Status Codes

In this section you can find a list of all the status codes that can appear on your Ideal boiler:

Fault CodeDescription
0This is the boilers standby mode, it's waiting for the hot water or central heating to be switched on.
CThe central heating has been switched on
C & burner onCentral heating mode is in operation
DThe desired temperature set on the boiler has been been reached and the boiler has been called for hot water
D & burner onThe boiler is operating in hot water mode
F & burner onFrost mode is in operation